Demo #1 The Video CV

STEP 1: What is a Video CV and How can these be a powerful tool in finding employment?

STEP 2: Model the final outcome by showing examples from YouTube, Websites or student examples of various quality and styles.

STEP 3: Establish the Criteria for Success.  This could be done through elicitation, class brainstorm, mindmapping and evaluating and analyzing videos to collaboratively create the Project Success Criteria.

Read article and listen to videos from Mashable Business site: Top 5 Tips for Creating Impressive Video Resumes

Video Resume Mistakes to Avoid

STEP 4: Plan and Script the Project

STEP 5: Record, Edit, Record, Record Again…

STEP 6: Students Link final Product to Class Blog

Examples of Students work (Class of 2010)

STEP 7: Peer Review and Provide Constructive Suggestions

EXTENSIONS: How to create an ePortfolio site, Video Role Play a Job Interview

Creative Examples and Examples using Humour and Parody: Harris and George

VARIATIONS AND OTHER VIDEO PROJECTS: TEST prep (IELTS speaking task2, Cambridge), TED talks, Time Capsules, Movie Trailers, Celebrity Interviews, Talk Show, Cooking Show, Dragons Den, Commercial…(Search – Locate – Evaluate – Analyze – Understand – Apply – Create)


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