Demo #3 Tutorials

STEP 1:  What is a web Tutorial? How often do you learn how to do something by watching an online tutorial?

STEP 2: Expose the different kind of techniques used in tutorials in order to effectively explain a concept or idea.

Explanation through Animation

Common Craft Videos
Cloud Computing
Copyright and Creative Commons
QR Codes
Create a Video Inspired by Common Craft about Digital Storytelling
The RSA Animate series

Screencast Videos
How to create a digital story using stop-motion video techniques in Movie Maker
How to Use Garage Band’s Enhanced Podcasting for Digital Storytelling 

Lecture style Presentations with slides, props or just a mic
TED talks
10 ways to prepare for a TED-format Talk

Learn anything
Learn how to do just about everything at eHow
wikiHow is a wiki based collaboration to build the world’s largest, highest quality how to manual.

Get students to write, edit, discuss topics on wikiHow

Company websites from Home depot to Apple computers, offer video tutorials in their help section or have an entire section of their webpage with tutorials instructing consumers how to use the products.

STEP 3: Taking the Jig Saw Approach, assign different groups with different types and topics of tutorials to research, evaluate, review, critique, discuss and retell

STEP 4: Groups create their own tutorial

1. Concept explanation through animation and stop-motion

2. Screen cast demonstration and explanation

3. Lecture style presentation (TED talk)


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